Top places for your honeymoon

The time has come where you should plan yours once in a lifetime holiday. Your honeymoon with your new spouse. However, you want to make sure that this is going to be a holiday that you will remember forever. This is why you should make sure that you choose one of the top places for your honeymoon. These are the top three places that you can choose.

Paris, France

Of cause, who doesn’t want to visit the city of love, when you are going on your honeymoon. This is the number one destination for your honeymoon if you are looking for something traditional.

Many people are visiting Paris, because of the fact that it is popular for romantic getaways. This is also one of the best places for your honeymoon. Just make sure that your new spouse wasn’t hoping for a tropical destination. This is the place to visit if you aren’t in the mood for a beach destination. Where you can visit top tourist attractions with the one you love. Enjoying the nighttime in Paris.

The Maldives

A tropical paradise. This is what the Maldives is. And, this is the best and perfect honeymoon destination if you want to spend a week or two in paradise.

There are some 5-star resorts and hotels that you can choose. Or, you can rent a villa on the beach that is going to give you the privacy that you are hoping for. This might on the more expensive side, but the best honeymoon if you are looking for a tropical paradise. Great weather, cocktails, and romance. What can a newly-wed couple ask for?


This is a secret that not many people know about, except my garage door repairman from He had is honeymoon there. A honeymoon destination that not many people consider. And, for sure a great choice if you are looking to surprise your new spouse.

Beach destinations, great nightlife, and really beautiful scenery. This is what you are going to get when you are making your honeymoon booking in Singapore. You will be surprised about what Singapore can offer you and your partner on this romantic getaway.

Paris, the Maldives or Singapore. You will not go wrong if you are making your honeymoon booking at one of these three places. They are offering different experiences, so you should just make sure what you are looking for in your honeymoon. Some prefer a beach paradise, while others prefer the city of love. But, remember that this is a holiday that only comes ones. Make the best of it, and choose the best destination for you and your spouse.

How to pack light for a long trip?

You are going away for a long period. Maybe even for a month or two. How do you make sure that you are packing everything you need; with the weight limit you have? Traveling is great, but doing it with the suitcase weight limit each person is getting, it can be really hard and frustrating to pack everything you need without exceeding the weight. With these tips, you will never have this problem again.

Plan your outfits and make sure it mix and match

This might take some time, but this is the best way to ensure that you are packing light for a long trip. You should plan your outfits. Make sure that you have something casual, formal and semi-formal. Then, you should make sure that you can mix and match outfits. Take shirts that will match different pants.

The secret is to lay out your clothes and make sure that you can wear one piece of clothing with at least three outfits. Making sure that you limit the amount of clothing that you are packing.

You don’t need a pair of shoes for every outfit

This is something that most women are struggling with. However, you really don’t need to pack a pair of shoes for every outfit that you are taking along. Shoes are heavy and take up a lot of storage. This is why you should only take three pairs. One for casual, one for formal and one for walking long distances.

The more shoes you are taking with you, the less clothing you can take. Most women might disagree, but you don’t need more shoes than clothes.

Know that you can wash your clothes wherever you are going

If you think that you will be able to take clean clothes for each day, then you are mistaken. You should consider washing your clothes when you are away. This can make sure that you have enough clothing for your whole trip without exceeding the weight limit of your suitcase.

By washing it, as you go along, will give you clean clothes and you will have room for something that you want to purchase while you are away.

Packing light for a long trip is really hard to do. For most people, it might even be impossible. However, with these tips, you will be able to pack light and have enough clothes for your whole trip. Then, you can enjoy your holiday without worrying about anything else.

Autumn Travel -Piles of Leaves, Piles of Smiles

Traveling in the fall usually means better deals for everything from accommodations to tours to plane tickets, shorter lines, fewer crowds, and cooler weather – along with breathtaking images of autumn foliage. Several people believe that it’s the very best time of year to travel. If you’re thinking about traveling, these cities are some of the best to explore in autumn.


Even though temperature in Morocco is hot during summer, it’s a peak season for tourists. Especially Europeans in search of warmer temperatures, winter brings another rush of visitors. In between, fall offers cheaper cost and more warm weather – expect highs of 70 in September and 60 in October in Marrakesh. Also, visit the blue city of Chefchaouen and enjoy a camel trek in the Sahara now that the heat is dwindling, and don’t miss getting lost at the city’s atmospheric Medina.

Transylvania, Romania

Drive the 56-mile through the Fagaras Mountains, which is the highest mountains of the Southern Carpathians that has over 20 peaks rising more than 8,000 feet, and it’s known for its hairpin curves and breathtaking views of beautiful autumn foliage. Transylvania is famous and it is steeped in legend and great imagery of medieval castles and misty moonlight.

Oslo, Norway

The city is home to numerous scenic parks that become even more beautiful this time of year. As the woodland areas take on new life, leaves begin to transform, Oslo is an ideal place for evening walks or foraging excursions while there is still quite a bit of daylight. The Vigeland Sculpture Park and Akershus Fortress make for a remarkably picturesque background on a sunny fall day or walk outside the city to Oslomarka Forest where you will get a chance to view some of the nation’s most lively autumn foliage.

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Fall offers a breather from crowds and expensive room rates in between the peak summer and winter ski seasons. Spanish, Mexican, and Pueblo: Santa Fe attracts from all these cultures, and they’re intertwined throughout the city’s world-class dining, art scenes, and shopping. And not forgetting the late September’s Wine & Chile Fiesta.

Outdoorsy types will find rafting, hiking, and biking in the nearby Sangre de Cristo Mountains. Remember to carry a coat – even though the highs are in the mid-60s in October, lows drop into the mid-30s.

Aspen, Colorado

Aspen still isn’t a budget location at this time, but lodging is much more reasonable, and the ordinarily expensive restaurants offer some compelling dinner specials. This winter famous destination for the rich and famous is much less packed in early autumn. Skiing is off the table, but world-class rafting and hiking are among the outdoor activities that remain.


As autumn rolls in, it’s the ideal time to get away.  Fall is usually the time when adults get back to work, and kids head to school, meaning, it is the perfect time to travel, with fewer crowds, and lower prices and as well as warm temperatures at many favorite vacation destinations.